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#Occupygezi: what is going on in Turkey?

The Western Medias use to be sensationalist about every type of movement or protest. A few months after the Arab Spring, something else is changing in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

Less than a week ago The Economist wrote a short editorial about #occupygezi and the actual Turkey’s troubles. I have asked what is happening to my friend Çağla Balaban, a Turkish student:

To answer your questions on what’s going on in Turkey:

#occupygezi protests in Turkey are not about just a park; they are about freedom, rights and liberties, representation, separation of powers, responsible foreign policy, human rights, gay rights, women’s rights, environment, animal rights, university autonomy, separation of religion and state, free media, respect for our cultural and historical heritage, respect for our way of life, honoring Ataturk and our founding fathers/mothers, transparency, science and arts, plurality, peace, democracy, empathy, sympathy, solidarity, youth, a better future for ourselves and our children and yes, preserving a beautiful public park at the heart of Istanbul.

It is an above politics, nonpartisan, spontaneous peaceful people’s movement.

occupygezi+protest+turkeyI consider the presence of several points of view about what happens all around the world as a great opportunity offered by the web. In this case, I would share with you my friend’s feelings on this delicate issue because I’m aware that usually people don’t have the chance to have a direct overview on this situation.

You can find more contents about this topic just checking out the hashtag #occupygezi on Twitter.