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#Occupygezy: Chronicles from the Frontline

Tonight I want to handle for the second day in a row with what is happening in Turkey. I had the chance to meet in Twitter a few months ago Tuğçe Çolak, a Turkish student of the Galatasaray University living in Istanbul. She is deeply committed to the protest movement and sometimes she gave me some updates about the situation, so I asked her to write an article on this blog:

Tuğçe Çolak
Tuğçe Çolak – https://twitter.com/tugcecoIak

The municipality of Istanbul was working on a pedestrian road in Taksim square,to make the road larger.There is a park,named Gezi,next to the road.One day workers of the municipality wanted to cut the trees of Gezi park cause make larger the road.This Project announced by the municipality but no one have not said that they could cut the trees. Even oppositions parties-CHP,MHP,- Which approved this work, have not known something like that. The people have got angry and wanted to show their reactions, they have wanted to say “we will not let you to cut trees in here”. Some people thought that the government can build a hotel or quarters here and opposed that. They have met in Gezi Park and they set up tends,read the books,made musics,sang songs. No one have not do something wrong and the reactions of them was so legally.That was at evening of 30th May.

These people have woke up with polices attacks.Police squeezed them toxic gases and water cannon.Also some of the polices have imposed violence the protesters,hit them with a baton.

The people who have heard these, have gone to Taksim immediately.

Any channel did not broadcast these events.

Then,prime minister of Turkey have spoken about Gezi Park.He said that no one can stop us, we will build whatever we want.At this time, the Court of Cassation has stopped the working of pedestrian road or building something else in Gezi park.but prime minister has wanted to show all of us he can do whatever he wants,even the others government agencies says opposite.

There were some protesters who have attacked to the polices but there were many injured people from protesters. Polices have not let the ambulance to get Taksim, and some volunteers doctors have gone to Taksim and tried to help to injured people.Now, the ministry of health has sued these doctors,some of them are just students in faculties of medicine.

Police have stepped back from Gezi park completely at the evening of June 1th.

Many of shops were close and just people have been walking down the Taksim square.There was no car,just people were walking and shouting slogans like resign Tayyip. There were some musicians there and they have made great musics with their instruments. Despite the different ideologies, many people were together there.

People, all around the Turkey have wanted to show their same actions with peoples who were in Taksim. They have shouted slogans and make noises with their pots and spoons every evening at 8 pm. This was amazing. At Besiktas – a big county and close to Taksim – people have walked together and it was very crowded. Police attacked them.There were fires and again some injured people. Police attacked them because there is a hotel in Besiktas which contains the special staying room of prime minister Erdogan, and also build by some companies which related with Erdogan .Police were afraid of that the people could damage the hotel and attacked.

On the 5th day,people have decided to meet just in Gezi park. In there, there were not polices. People have eat something together, sung dongs and helped together.

İt was a little look up to Gezi park and turkey.  There are so many things to tell but there are some different sources which give us different news. Its hard to be sure that everything we have heard was true. You can follow these blog and see some photos from here: http://occupygezi.blogspot.com/ .

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#Occupygezi: what is going on in Turkey?

The Western Medias use to be sensationalist about every type of movement or protest. A few months after the Arab Spring, something else is changing in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

Less than a week ago The Economist wrote a short editorial about #occupygezi and the actual Turkey’s troubles. I have asked what is happening to my friend Çağla Balaban, a Turkish student:

To answer your questions on what’s going on in Turkey:

#occupygezi protests in Turkey are not about just a park; they are about freedom, rights and liberties, representation, separation of powers, responsible foreign policy, human rights, gay rights, women’s rights, environment, animal rights, university autonomy, separation of religion and state, free media, respect for our cultural and historical heritage, respect for our way of life, honoring Ataturk and our founding fathers/mothers, transparency, science and arts, plurality, peace, democracy, empathy, sympathy, solidarity, youth, a better future for ourselves and our children and yes, preserving a beautiful public park at the heart of Istanbul.

It is an above politics, nonpartisan, spontaneous peaceful people’s movement.

occupygezi+protest+turkeyI consider the presence of several points of view about what happens all around the world as a great opportunity offered by the web. In this case, I would share with you my friend’s feelings on this delicate issue because I’m aware that usually people don’t have the chance to have a direct overview on this situation.

You can find more contents about this topic just checking out the hashtag #occupygezi on Twitter.