Android WhatsApp | How To Fix Contact List Disappeared

Since a few days I am experiencing an issue with Whatsapp Contact List. I am using a Samsung S5 SM-G900F Android 5.0,  I have updated the latest version of Whatsapp (version 2.12.317).

When I want to start a new conversation, I cannot get any contact in the contact list:


After a while I realized that I had a sync problem of my Android. I cumulated in the Contacts Storage 1.13 gb of crappy sync issues and it wasn’t able anymore to read any information from my contact list.

The solution is pretty easy:

  • Disable Sync from the drop down menu
  • Go To Settings > Application Manager > All > Contacts Storage
  • Select Clear All Data
  • Enable Sync from the drop down menu

After a few seconds your telephone will start again to refresh the contact list and everything will be restored correctly.


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